A patient applies BreathClear Immunicenters sublingual allergy drops beneath her tongue.Sublingual Allergy Drops

Now use drops to treat your allergies easily and effectively

Until now, to get relief from your allergies you had one choice: the needle… regular injections that can mean discomfort and inconvenience.

But now there’s a much better way — the Needlefree Allergy Treatment from BreatheClear Immunicenters.

No more alcohol swabs and needle jabs. Instead, you just put a few drops of your allergy medicine under your tongue once a day. That’s all. That’s how easy and painless the Needlefree Treatment is.

How it works

Visit a BreatheClear Immunicenters, and you’ll receive the same testing you’ve always had to determine what you are allergic to and how allergic you are to each item. Based on your results, BreatheClear will formulate a medication specifically for you and your allergies. You’ll receive it in a dropper bottle and take it home.

Just follow the simple instructions at home and, as your body builds up immunities over time, relief should follow. It’s that safe and simple.

The BreatheClear Needlefree Allergy Treatment is ideal for anyone who—
• doesn’t like needles or
• has had limited or no success with injections

In use for years

Immunotherapy in the form of drops has been supported by the World Health Organization and been used successfully in Europe for years.

Experience has shown that patients using this treatment have fewer side effects than with injection therapy.1

(Medical professionals please note: the Needlefree protocol is actually sublingual delivery of the same antigens traditionally injected subcutaneously; it is not an over -the-counter or homeopathic product.)

If allergies or allergy treatments have you down, call your nearest BreatheClear Immunicenters today and start on the Needlefree road