…I never saw the fun in getting stuck with a needle.

When I was growing up my dad had to go to his doctor’s office for weekly allergy shots. Getting the shots was the price he paid to help relieve his severe allergy symptoms which included sneezing attacks and wheezing. Those shots made him feel so much better that it seemed to me he loved getting them. Despite Dad’s love for allergy shots, the idea never really appealed to me. True, he benefited from the treatment because he built up immunity to many things in the environment that were making him miserable, but I never saw the fun in getting stuck with a needle.

In my practice as an Ears, Nose and Throat doctor, I attend a lot of professional conferences. It was at these conferences – where experts on allergy treatment go to keep up to date on the latest treatment options – that I learned about treating allergy patients without shots. In Europe, there has been a trend toward treating patients with drops under the tongue instead of shots. The reason is simple. Drops provide a safer, more comfortable way of helping patients reduce or eliminate their hyper-reactivity to grasses, mold or whatever makes them suffer from allergy attacks. With drops, patients can treat themselves at home and administer the drops themselves. I have begun to use this excellent treatment option for the many patients in my practice who want to feel better but don’t want to travel to an office and get a shot in the arm to do so.

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