Allergic To Cats?…

I grew up allergic to cats. In the beginning, my symptoms weren’t so bad – just some occasional sneezing. But as I got into my late teens I started having serious issues with my aunt and uncle’s cats. Whenever I was at their house I would start wheezing and my eyes would itch. I’d have to be sure to use my inhaler and take an antihistamine before I even stepped inside their home. Now that I’m on sublingual immunotherapy, I can be around cats without taking additional medications. That is not to say that I never sneeze when I’m in close quarters with cats but I certainly don’t have to worry about the miserable symptoms I once had.

We have several patients in our practice who have had similar problems to mine. Some of them have become romantically involved with or even married to a cat owner. Its very satisfying to see how their lives improved once they started the allergy drops. Again, not every single symptom is relieved with the drops and not every single patient responds the same way, but most people do extremely well. People who live with cats are often afraid to have an allergy test because they think the only way to deal with the situation would be to get rid of their pet. Fortunately, that’s no longer true.

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